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A message from the editor

You will appreciate that without considering all the circumstances that affect your present financial circumstances I cannot offer advice from this website. Whilst you may gain insight into issues that you may be tempted to act on I strongly suggest that you share these insights with your present accountant or business adviser who will be much better placed to offer rounded advice and direction.

If you do not have an adviser, I personally am unable to take on additional clients, but I do have active connections with numerous firms across the UK. Simply complete the form on the "NEED HELP" page and I will refer your query to the nearest, local firm. They will contact you based on any contact information you provide and their first discussion with you will be offered on a complimentary basis - no charge.

To be clear, you will not be charged a fee by me or Landmark to access the various posts on this site. They are provided free of charge. If there is sufficient demand for additional help, that I refer to other advisers, I may charge those advisers (not you) for the introduction.

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I hope the material shared helps you cope with current disruption and provides insight into the various issues that you will need to consider in the coming months. It's likely to be a long-haul back.

Bob Edwards FCCA - June 2020